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Witches at Gardner Village

I am back!!!

After a week of technical problems, I am finally back.  I missed you!

But in my time off, I found the Witches at Gardner Village!

 A couple of my grand daughters and my DIL, went  to see the witches at Gardner Village and we had a great time!witches at Gardner Village Continue reading


Cute Scarecrow Cupcakes

I have to admit that today’s post is a bit of a fail!  I wanted to make some Cute Scarecrow Cupcakes and they did not not turn out as cute as I had hoped they would!  Does anyone else out there have cooking fails from time to time?  These turned out okay…and they taste great…they just aren’t as cute as the ones I was trying to copy!scarecrow cupcakes Continue reading

Halloween Pillows

Scrappy Halloween Pillows

Have you started decorating for Halloween yet? Here are some fun Scrappy Halloween pillows that are super easy to make!  These pillows are very scrappy.  And they are a great way to use up some of those Halloween scraps of fabric that you already have!Halloween Pillows Continue reading


Halloween Punch Out Game

We had our family Halloween Party and we did this fun Halloween Punch Out Game!Halloween Punch Out Game Continue reading


Tilly The Witch and Frank

Today I want to introduce Tilly the Witch and Frank!  Tilly, (That is short for Matilda), has had a new makeover and she is feeling mighty spunky now! She was getting a little haggard and outdated and  needed some sprucing up, so my granddaughter and I got her a new outfit, and a new pumpkin to hold and now she is ready to cast a spell on any visitors that come to our house!Tilly the Witch Continue reading