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DIY Wool Dryer Balls

As many of you know, I like to make some of my own cleaning supplies and solutions.  Well, today, I have another great idea for your laundry…DIY Wool Dryer Balls!wool dryer ballsThese DIY  wool dryer balls will replace those pesky little dryer sheets!  They will fluff your laundry as well as make it smell good!

wool dryer ballsYou can make these in a short time while you are watching TV or just relaxing. The best part about these DIY wool dryer balls is that you can use them over and over again!wool dryer ballsThere are many different  directions out there…but the one that I used is from The Frugal Girls.  All you need is a skein of wool yarn, old nylons, and a little bit of time to make these wonderful little  balls!

You can add your own scent if you want to.  Mine have a Jasmine essential oil that make the laundry smell heavenly.  When I am not using them I store them in the crate and then my laundry room smells heavenly too!  It is a win-win situation!

I LOVE my DIY Wool Dryer Balls! They do such a great job of fluffing up your laundry, and I love that they’re all natural, too!  They are so simple to make, cut down drying time, and save the cost of dryer sheets in your laundry loads! dsc_8309I found this cute little crate to keep my DIY wool dryer balls in.  It sits on top of my dryer  with the essential oil for refreshing the scent whenever I need to!

If you like these DIY wool dryer balls, you might want to try my DIY Miracle Fabric Cleaner too!miracle fabric cleanerI use this stuff in almost every load I do!  It works wonders, it is inexpensive to make and you can use it on other tough cleaning problems besides the laundry!

Do you like to make your own laundry cleaning solutions?   You might just want to give these ideas a try!

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4 thoughts on “DIY Wool Dryer Balls

  1. Rita: How so you use the Dawn/Hydrogen Peroxide in your laundry? Do you add it to the wash load or do you spray it on an article of clothing. Also, what other ways do you use it? Thank you for all your wonderful ideas. I love it. Best wishes.

    1. Beth, I put it in a spray bottle and spray it on any spots that I have in my laundry. You can also spray it on all of your collars. This spray is also wonderful for any stains on your carpet, drapes, pillows, or any textiles! (test a spot first). I have also used it on my tile floor! The peroxide is a good disinfectant. These are a few of the ways that I have used this. As you can see, I am pretty sold on this product! :)

  2. I just made some wool dryer balls, and my husband insisted I was doing it wrong! He thinks I should wash and then dry repeated four times; however, your instructions say to wash 4 times and then dry 4 times. How long should they be dried each time?

    Thanks for your fun ideas!

    1. Veneese, I washed the wool dryer balls 4 times and dried them 4 times, but the main thing you want to do is felt the wool. In other words, you want to shrink the wool and make it more solid. Heat is the best thing to do that. I just dried them in the dryer until they were dry. I don’t know how long the cycle was, because my dryer just stops when the load is done. I love my wool dryer balls and I hope that you will too!

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