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DIY Christmas book Angels

DIY Christmas Book Angels

DIY Christmas Book Angels

How is everyone doing on their Christmas preparations?  We had our big Sinterklaas Party last weekend and it was so fun! 

The kids all had a great time and we had a jolly old visitor come!

After he left we gave everyone their Christmas jammies and blankets and I gave each family one of these Christmas book angels!DIY Christmas book Angels Continue reading

vertical gardening

Vertical Gardening

Today I have a fun project to do with the kids!!  

It is Vertical Gardening!

Vertical Gardening is perfect for those that do not have a ton of room in their garden or want to do a garden that is all in one space!vertical gardening Continue reading

you're da bomb tag

You’re Da Bomb Printable Tag

You’re Da Bomb Printable Tag

Today I have a You’re Da Bomb Printable Tag to go with your DIY bath bombs!

In my last post, I showed you how to make bath bombs. Click on that link to check out  the “recipe”.
you're da bomb tag Continue reading