How to Host an Easter Egg Hunt

Throw a fun Easter Egg hunt for your family or neighborhood!

These games and ideas will keep your party HOPPING!

Tips for a Terrific Easter Egg Hunt: 

Tuck a small piece of paper with party details inside plastic eggs and deliver invitations ahead of time.

Sprinkle baby powder “paw prints” around the ground and let the kids follow the Easter Bunny to where the hunt begins.

Before guest arrive, hide the eggs in both easy and difficult places to keep all ages challenged.

Award special prizes for eggs rolled in glitter or marked with stickers.

Assign each child a color of egg to find, or limit the number of eggs each child can keep so no child gets left out.

Put coins in some of the eggs instead of candy.

Have colorful baskets, pails or bags on hand for collecting eggs.

Party Games

Engage kids in all kinds of games such as:

Prepare a treasure hunt ahead of time, and put the clues in plastic eggs.  (Make sure to do this in a different area from the Easter Egg hunt, if you put the clues in the plastic eggs!) Have a small treasure for everyone at the end. (Some treats besides candy could be a kite, bubbles, flip-flops, or art supplies)

Egg relay race with spoon, assemble kids into teams, carry eggs on a spoon and first team to finish is the winner.

Have the players get down on hands and knees , using only their noses to nudge eggs past the finish line.

Use old pillowcases for an old-fashioned “bunny hop” sack race.Put up a drawing of Peter Rabbit and hand out cotton balls with double stick tape for a fun game of pin the tail on Hoppy. (You could just enlarge this picture!)

And of course you could play Don’t Eat Hoppy,


available in my shop as a pdf download.


More Fun Easter Ideas

-Face painting-draw bunny noses and whiskers, flowers or butterflies.

-Decorate “Easter Basket” cupcakes or sugar cookies with green tinted coconut and jelly bean eggs

-Kite flying

Food Ideas

-If the weather is good, have an old fashioned wiener roast.

-Smores with “Peeps” for dessert.

-Colored Deviled eggs like these!

Whatever you do, I hope that you can enjoy your time with family and friends and that you can make some wonderful, lasting memories!

Happy Easter Everyone!


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    1. Thanks for your comment, I love to hear from my readers! I know that I am so lucky to have my grand children live close by me, so I can still do these things!

  1. Love your cute illustrations! The games are perfect for keeping the little ones busy after Easter dinner! I would love it if you would consider linking to Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy, a Sunday through Thursday link party for ideas that make life easier, better and more fun!

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