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the little bat

Halloween Printables Roundup!

Today I have a roundup of some of the past printables that I have done for Halloween.  There is still plenty of time to get these printed and framed to include with your Halloween decor or to put on your desk or to give to a friend!    I have also included my fun Trick or Treat Bingo!  So you have plenty to choose from and you have no excuses for not being in the great Halloween Spirit!  Go to the link to get the best copy for printables!the little bat Continue reading


Thursday’s Thought-“Eye” Hope You Have…

Today is Thursday, so it is time again, for my Thursday’s Thought!

This is just a silly little thought from my silly little mind, but maybe it will get you all in the Halloween Spirit!


This is a fun print that would be great to frame for a sign for your Halloween party,

or just to put on your kitchen counter or your work desk!  

It would also make cute tags to tie onto your Halloween treat bags!   But whatever you do…

“Eye” hope that you have a bewitching Halloween Season! 

Have a great day everyone!  Love Ya!

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