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Salted Caramels

I saw a bag of salted caramels at a boutique in our neighborhood last weekend, but for some reason I did not buy any and then I could not seem to get them off my mind! So I came home a decided to give my hand a try at making some.  I found a recipe that used sweetened condensed milk and adapted it to make these.  I asked my husband to taste them and tell me what he thought.  He said that there was something wrong with them and I thought he was going to say that they were salty, but he said what was wrong was that you could not eat just one!  He loves them!  He has made several comments since on how good they are!  So that is quite the compliment!

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The Ultimate Sugar Cookie

I finally broke down and made sugar cookies for Valentines day.  I say that because I know that if I make them I am going to eat them!  This recipe really is “The Ultimate Sugar Cookie.”  I don’t know if any of you ever go to the little cookie shops around your area and get a big sugar cookie with the cream cheese frosting and you savor every bite, well here is the recipe for those big fat cookies!

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