July 2016 Visiting Teaching Handout

June was a very busy month and I cannot believe that it is soon going to be the 4th of July!  Summer is going by way too fast…but with that said, it is time for the July 2016 Visiting Teaching Handout for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

This month the message is “Our Potential for Parenthood”July 2016 VT handout

 I chose two different quotes this month.  The first one is from Elder Dallin H. Oaks…I love the last part of the quote that says “I believe that the ultimate treasures on earth and in heaven are our children and our posterity”.  

July-2016-VT-000-Page-1The second part is that if  you do not have the privilege of becoming parents in this life that the opportunity for  parenthood awaits you in the eternities ahead, but that you can experience the challenges and joys within your own family.

July-2016-VT-001-blankHere is the blank card for those of you that would like to translate, or if any of you are in need of a fun patriotic card.  All of these are for personal use only!

If you would like to print these as a jpeg, right click over the image and go to save image as, then save in a folder.  You can then print your own or send it out to your favorite photo processing center.July-2016-VT-002-tagI thought that these would be fun to tie to a bag of glow sticks.  Since all the sisters I visit have children or grandchildren, they can share the glow sticks with them.  You could even give the children a short message about letting their spirits glow for others to see how wonderful the gospel is!July-2016-VT-003-blank-tagAnd here is the blank ones!  I printed these on 4 x 6 photo paper also.  Then cut them out and you have a cute tag!  Again, all of these handouts are for personal use only!

For those of you that would like the PDF versions, just click on the link or links below:

July 2016 VT

July 2016 VT blank

July 2016 VT tag

July 2016 VT tag blank


I paired my handout with a package of glow sticks, but you could use anything patriotic, or red, white and blue, a fun treat or a fun fashion accessory!

So that is the July 2016 Visiting Teaching Handout.  I hope that you can share it with the sisters that you visit…But as always…it is the visit that is important, not the handout!

Thanks for stopping by…Happy Visiting this Month!

The images for these handouts are from “justsoscrappy.com”, from the “Let Freedom Ring” collection.  They are used with a CU licence

9 thoughts on “July 2016 Visiting Teaching Handout

  1. Thank you so much for all you beautiful handouts! My ladies I visit love them so much and you save me so much time in trying to think of something myself. This months will fit so great with one of the sisters that I teach. Again, thank you for all your hard work and for sharing your talent!

    1. NJ, Thank you so much for taking the time to write your kind comment. I am glad that you can use one of my ideas…it makes me happy, so thanks for making my day! Hope you have a great day and Happy Visiting This Month!

  2. I love,love, love your handouts! Thank you for sharing your inspiration, you’re such a blessing to my sisters that I Visit Teach and me!

    1. Carolyn, You are welcome! Thank you so much for taking the time to write your sweet comment. I really appreciate it. Hope you have a great day and Happy Visiting this month!

  3. Hi, I love your handouts but having a problem printing this one. I’m trying to do it on 5×7 photo paper. Any suggestions?

    1. Joan, I do not know what the problem is, but when you are printing it, is your paper size set to the right size on your printer?

  4. I love your visiting teaching handouts but can not understand how to print them. When I hit print it brings up the screen to save. Guess I am technical illiterate

    1. Mary, you will need to save it in a folder if you want to print it as a jpeg image, if you want, you can just click on the download link and you will be able to print it without saving it. Make sure when you print it that you have the correct paper size selected in your printer settings. Hope this helps.

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