fairy garden

Fairy Garden

When my husband and I went to Waco, TX, last month, we went to the Magnolia shops and I was able to purchase some items to start a Fairy Garden!  I have never really thought about having a fairy garden, but when I saw the cute accessories that they had there,  I got excited about making one!fairy gardenI first had to find a birdbath to put the fairy garden in.  I ordered this one from Home Depot and it I love the look of it.  It looks like stone, but it is fairly light weight!fairy garden-001A couple of the grandkids helped me put this all together.  We went to a local nursery that has a lot of fairy garden accessories, we found this darling fairy and the adorable puppy!  I got the house, the bicycle, the bench, the miniature bird bath, the tall bird house and the table and chair set from Magnolia Farms.  So between the two places we were able to put together a fun little fairy garden!fairy gardenWe planted 5 succulent plants and put the moss in around the rest of it to complete this fun little garden.  Don’t you just love the cute little mailbox!front porchThis is my front porch.  My flowers are doing well this year.  It has not been to extremely hot until just this week so they have been thriving pretty good.front porchThis is by my front door.  I got the old mailbox at Magnolia Farms and the hanging metal basket is from Junque in the Trunk in Waco.  fairy gardenMy fairy garden is at the entrance of the front porch.  So it welcomes any visitors that happen to stop by!  My outdoor couch is also in this front courtyard, so I can sit and enjoy this cute little fairy garden every time I go out and relax on the couch!

Do any of you have a fairy garden?  I love the little miniature accessories and it was fun to put together.  I am not sure if I have to take it all apart during the winter…does anyone know what I should do with it in the cold Utah winters?  Do I have to store it in the garage or do the succulents survive the wintery weather?

Thank for visiting!  Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Very cute fairy garden! I think your front porch is beautiful!

    I have two fairy gardens! One sits in a small ceramic birdbath I purchased from a Nursery a few years ago. This particular birdbath came in two pieces so I use only the top portion. It sets in my Tea Room on top of my Great Grandmother’s old treadle sewing machine. I don’t use live plants in this one because it became too much work to keep up with. Each season, I change out just a few little pieces to keep it festive and interesting!

    The other fairy garden is in our backyard underneath a little tree. This one is a project my two granddaughters (ages 3 and 7) and I put together. I put on a Fairy Party for them in June and we ended the party by making our Secret Fairy Garden! I prepared the area and guided them just a tad but they did most of the work and created the most adorable little garden! We planted a few Inpatients here and there which has been so fun for the girls to watch the flowers grow! Anyone who stops by gets welcomed by 5 little fairies dancing in their enchanted forest!

    1. Nancy, Thanks for sharing about your fairy gardens! They sound darling and magical. How fun to put these together with your granddaughters and what a fun idea to do a fairy party. You have started a lovely tradition…thanks for sharing!

  2. I Like this article. I signed up at a local nursery to make a fairy garden tomorrow morning with my two granddaughters. Hoping to expand it each year! Thanks

    1. Kathie, what a fun idea! Your granddaughters are going to LOVE it! That would be a great tradition to start! Thanks for sharing.

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