Halloween Punch Out Game

We had our family Halloween Party and we did this fun Halloween Punch Out Game!Halloween Punch Out GameThis is a fun game for kids and adults.  It is an easy game to make and it can be used over and over for different parties!Halloween Party 2015-001To make this Halloween Punch Out Game board you will need a foam core board, large size cups, tissue paper cut in squares large enough to cover the opening of the cups, rubber bands and the prizes!  I wanted 20 cups because that is how many we have in our family.  I placed the cups in rows with a little space in between each cup.  Place a prize in each cup.  I used money, candy and toy spiders in mine.  Place one of the tissue papers over the top of the cup and place a rubber band around the top to hold the tissue paper in place.  Then hot glue each cup in place.  (The next time you play the game you will just have to add the prize to each cup and place the tissue and rubber band on.  That is why you will want to leave a little bit of space between each cup.)  I had enough cash prizes to make it interesting for the kids and for the adults!  :)Halloween-Punchout-000-Page-1This is the printable that I attached to the top of the foam core board.  I printed it on photo paper and just taped it to the top of the board.  You could make any title that you want for this game!  I know this game will make another appearance at another party!  :)  

To print the title as a jpeg, right click over the image and go to “save image as” then save in a folder.  This is formatted to an 11 x 6 size, so you can print it from your own printer.  If you would like the PDF format, click on this download:

Halloween Punch Out GameHalloween Party 2015-004We did some fun minute to win it games!  There are a lot of these out there if you just google it! Halloween 2015I love her concentration! Halloween Party 2015-005More minute to win it games!  We also had a fish pond by request from one of my little grandsons.  He wanted to make sure that we kept this tradition going!  :)Halloween Party 2015-003For dinner we had homemade chicken noodle soup, broccoli soup, Frankenstein Parts, Crusty Bones, Vampire Blood to drink and Eye of Newt.Halloween Party 2015-002For dessert we had Poison Apples, Arsenic cookies and donuts, and lots and lots of candy!Halloween Party 2015My daughter came over the night before the party and we made the Apple Pie Caramel Apples and some sprinkled Ghost Sugar Cookies.  Click on each link for the recipe!  Both of these recipes are family favorites and I can only make them if I know I know that I will have lots of helpers to eat them!  Otherwise I just keep eating them all myself!  I am so lucky to have a daughter that is willing to help me out..she is a wonderful daughter and friend…I think that I’ll keep her!Halloween Party 2015The kids all wore their costumes.  We did not have a contest for the best costume…but if we had…this one would have won it!  This grandchild’s name is “Wilson”, can you figure out what he is…hint…Tom Hanks…Castaways!   Nooo!  Willlllson!  This was a classic!Halloween 2015So from our house to yours…we wish you a Haunting Halloween!

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Punch Out Game

  1. What a fun party! You must have put in a lot of work and love into it…but it is so fun to do if the kids have a blast and want to do it again next year…..you are such a wonderful Grandma.

    1. Roswitha, It was a fun party, but after it was over I was exhausted! I know that I need to slow down, but it is hard for a busy body person like me to do that! :) The kids did love it and my 5 year old grandson asked me if we were going to have more fun games at our Thanksgiving dinner…I said no, we were just going to eat!

  2. How is the Punch out game played. Do people just take turns choosing a cup to a punch and then get the prize inside. Or is there more to it then that? Thanks, you have such clever ideas!

    1. Evie, Yes, each person gets a turn to punch out one of the cups. There can be a good prize or a not so good prize, it is purely luck. You can also use this game as a fun lesson game and simply put different questions or activities in each cup. Hope this helps,

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