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Witches at Gardner Village

I am back!!!

After a week of technical problems, I am finally back.  I missed you!

But in my time off, I found the Witches at Gardner Village!

 A couple of my grand daughters and my DIL, went  to see the witches at Gardner Village and we had a great time!witches at Gardner Village Continue reading


Halloween Punch Out Game

We had our family Halloween Party and we did this fun Halloween Punch Out Game!Halloween Punch Out Game Continue reading


Patriotic Round-up

Today I decided that I would just share a few fun ideas from past posts,  to make your summer just a little bit more patriotic.  With the 4th of July coming up, maybe you could use one or two of these ideas.  Just click on the link below each picture for step-by-step directions or recipes.

This first idea, to help with your decorating needs, are these fun lollies.  They are easy to make and they are quite stunning!  I made mine into a garland and you can learn how to make your own too:


July 4th “Lollie” Garland

If you need a really yummy, refreshing drink for your outdoor parties this summer, you will want to try this beautiful Cherry Limeade drink!  It tastes as good as it looks!


Cherry Limeade

Next I will show you some fun games and ideas for your next summer party!  The kids of all ages loved these games, so get a jump start and get the supplies to make your own, along with fun prizes!


4th of July Party

This recipe is perfect for snacking, but I must warn you that it can be very addicting!  With the sweet and salty taste, you won’t be able to eat just one handful!  It is a combination of chocolatey, sweet, salty, peanut butter, and marshmellowy bliss! This is fun to package up in individual cups or bags and looks so pretty!  There is also a story behind the name of this treat!


Better Than Hunting Chex Mix

And last, but not least, here is a fun printable for you to use!  We all know how precious our freedom is, so let’s let it RING!  You can make it into a faux canvas block, like I did here, or you can just print it and frame it.  There is the tan background or a white version.


Let Freedom Ring

So that is my patriotic round-up.  I hope that there is one or two ideas that you can use for your summer fun!

Have a great day everyone!  Love Ya!

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Spring Break 2013

I am having a hard time getting back into a routine.  After our trip to Arizona and a long weekend at the cabin I just want to play all day!  Who wants to clean house and work when you have had so much fun?

This last week was spring break here, so we decided to go to the cabin for 4 days and we had two of our families come up.  It was non-stop commotion, but it was fun commotion!  Not too long after we arrived the first day, my son-in-law texted me asking me to send him a picture of his two kids with the reservoir in the background.  This is what I sent him…


Continue reading

Fun Family Game

I have just recently discovered a fun family game called “Spot It”.

This is a perfect game for everyone to play.   It is very easy to learn and it is a fun, fast paced game.

You can have anywhere from 2-8 players and we have played it with a wide range of age groups all together!

 You can actually go in and out of this game, if you need to check on something in the oven, change laundry,  change a diaper, you get the idea…then you can just jump right back into the game!

This is the game that we have:

Spot It

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Fun Thanksgiving Printables and Games

Today I have a round-up of a few FUN Thanksgiving printables.


This first printable is for Thanksgiving Place cards and you can print them here.

There are 4 different ones to choose from or you can do a variety of all of them!  These are just a fold-over, so you just need to print, cut, fold in half and write names, or you could have everyone write one blessing, and have everyone guess who wrote what blessing!   So easy! Continue reading

15 Halloween ideas_1

15 Halloween Ideas

I decided today that I would do a roundup of 15 Fall and Halloween crafts, decorations, recipes, and printables from  previous posts.   To view the post, for directions or recipes,  just click on the link below each picture. Continue reading


Don’t Eat Hoppy!

Here is my new game that my grand kids love to play, this is the Easter version of “Don’t Eat Pete!”  It is called  Don’t Eat Hoppy!  This is a fun game for FHE or for a school class party, (just print multiple game boards), even adults can get in on the fun with this game!


This game board is now available in pdf format in my shop:

Don’t Eat Hoppy


Princess Party

We had our little princess party last week and the girls (my granddaughters) LOVED it.  They were so cute and they all get along so well.

I made these tutu’s

a few days ago, I found this fun party pack with the tiara’s, jewelry, wand, flashing microphone, banners, and lip gloss!  It was perfect for what I wanted.  When the girls got here, the very first thing they did was to to get  all dressed up like little princesses!Aren’t they adorable?!Then they each strutted their stuff!  Some sang,Some were coy,And some were practicing their model poses!We had a royal lunch with heart shaped tea sandwiches, chips, heart jello jigglers and a royal drink (cherry 7-up).  We learned how to use our napkins, sip our drinks, be polite, and stick out our pinkie finger to show how posh we were!  We had these princess cupcakes for dessert.After lunch we played pin the frog on the princess, fairy-fairy-princess (duck-duck-goose), we colored paper dolls and did a princess maze, then we practiced walking and sitting like a princess and worked on some of our dance and twirling moves!

After we had worn ourselves out, or at least grandma, we read Fancy Nancy and learned how to be posh and very FANCY!

     Fancy Nancy

When it was time to go home they all got to fill up their goodie bags with some yummy treats and goodies and Magical cookie wands!

It was a great party and they were all so cute and so sweet that it was a joy to have them and to spend the afternoon all together.  There is nothing that beats being a grandma!

They are blowing a kiss to all of you and hoping that you can be princess for a day too!

With love from,

the “Queen of Everything” and the “Princesses of Quite a Lot!”


Happy Sinterklaas Day!

We have a fun tradition that we have celebrated in our family for the past several years.  Our oldest son served a mission for our church in the Netherlands and Sinterklaas Eve is a big celebration!  It is basically the welcoming of Santa and the start of the Christmas season.  In the Netherlands, Sinterklaas arrives on a boat and then rides a horse down through the town.

According to wikipedia, He is celebrated annually on Saint Nicholas’ eve (5 December) or on the morning of 6 December in Belgium and Northern France.

In the Netherlands, Saint Nicholas’ Eve, 5 December, became the chief occasion for gift-giving during the Christmas season. The evening is called Sinterklaasavond or Pakjesavond (boxing evening). For Belgian and some Dutch children, it is customary to put one shoe in front of the fireplace from the day Sinterklaas arrives in the Netherlands, usually in the third week of November, sing Sinterklaas songs and go to bed. A carrot and/or hay may put in the shoe as a treat for Sinterklaas’ horse. The next morning the carrot would be gone and the children may find candy or a small present in their shoes.

We sometimes celebrate with Dutch foods and treats and sometimes it is really quite American!  This year was very American!  We played games like Reindeer Bowling…
and Pin the Nose on Rudolf…

All the kids got their traditional Christmas jammies and a book from Grandma and Grandpa, so that they can use them all month long!  And then as we 
were all just sitting and visiting, guess who to my wondering eyes should appear?  yep, it was Santa Claus, or as they say in the Netherlands, Sinterklaas!

Some welcomed Santa a lot better than others, but they all had a turn sitting on his lap and talking to him and they received a bag of treats from him.  Santa was so nice to take the time to come and see us on his busy schedule,  we sang him a song as he walked out the door and then the kids had to listen to see if they could hear the sleigh bells ringing!

We love the tradition of Sinterklaas Eve in our home, do any of you have any international traditions that you like to celebrate at this time of year.  Whatever they are, I hope that they are filled with love and with your loved ones!

Happy Sinterklaas Day from our house to yours!