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Blue Turning Twenty Quilt

When we were planning my dad’s 90th birthday party, he said that his favorite color was blue, so we used blue and yellow to decorate with.  I decided at the last minute to make a Blue Turning Twenty Quilt for him!  I did this quilt with blue and cream and I was able to find all of the fabric at a local quilt shop called “Broadbents”.DSC_7360 Continue reading

snowman quilt

Snowman Quilt

Right before Christmas I got a quilt kit to make a “Snowman Quilt”, at one of my local quilt shops.  It was on sale and I decided that it would be a fun one to put together for the winter months.  It was really easy to put together and I brought my portable machine down to the family room and I sewed in the afternoon and evenings while we watched Christmas movies!

I have a snowman collection that I put out as soon as Christmas comes down, so this snowman quilt is perfect to go with this collection!Snowman Quilt Continue reading


Thanksgiving Table Quilt

I finally got my Thanksgiving Table quilt done last week!  It took me longer to get to it than I anticipated!  (But isn’t that how a lot of things go?)  I am very happy with it, and it is on my kitchen table now, where I can enjoy it every time I walk into the kitchen!


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Floral Quilt

I have another quilt post today! :)

Here is the quilt that my daughter made for her daughter.  She sewed this quilt top several months ago and we just needed to add the outside borders to make it a little bigger, then I quilted it for her and sewed on the binding, because she said the binding would take her another month to do!  She exaggerates!

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Easy Chevron Halloween Quilt

Here is one of the quilts that I have been working on this past couple of weeks! 

I was a little bit worried about how this quilt would really turn out because I bought some of the fabric at a quilt show that I went to and after getting part way done with sewing the quilt, I realized that I had only gotten 1/2 as much fabric as what I needed!  So I went to my fabric stash and got enough to sew about 3/4 of the quilt and then I had to go buy the rest of the fabric!  So this is really a mismatched quilt, but I actually like how it turned out!


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Red and Yellow Quilt

Have any of you ever had a project that you worked on so much or for so long and had so many problems with it that you were sick of the project before you ever got done with it?  Well that describes this quilt perfectly!

I sewed this quilt top 5-6 years ago in a Relief Society class that we did a block a month.  I was learning how to do some of the different quilt blocks, so I can’t say that they were my best work, but I always have loved the colors in this quilt and I finished the whole top and the sashings, but I felt like it needed some borders, but I just never got the fabric, so I just never finished it!  

Fast forward 6 years- I got this quilt top out a few weeks ago and found some fabric for the borders and the back.  I put it on to quilt and the tension on my quilting machine was way off and it took me several attempts and phone calls before I finally got my machine working right, I was  just about ready forget about this quilt, but I finally got it quilted only to find that when I loaded the quilt on the machine, I was 1/2 inch short  on one end, after it was all quilted!  So I had to trim the outside border all the way around!  But after I got the binding on and hung it up to take pictures, I decided that it turned out OK after all!  I still love the colors in this quilt, which is it’s redeeming quality!


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Pink Baby Quilt

I do not have a Thursday’s Thought this week.  Instead, I have this really cute picture!


This is our newest little granddaughter!  We are so excited to have her here and to know that she and her mom are both doing good!  We were worried because there were some complications, so we are so thankful that everything turned out so well! Continue reading


Ruffled Quilt

My daughter made this darling quilt for her daughter and had it all quilted up cute.  All that need to be done was to put the binding on and it would be finished. Easy, right?  Well not to her.  She struggled to get it finished and finally just brought it to me to complete it.  Isn’t that what moms are for?  I really didn’t mind, because I just worked on it one evening while we were watching a ball game.  She designed this pattern from a couple of other quilts that she had seen, and of course I loved all the ruffles!(I cannot believe that we are taking pictures outside in the middle of January in Utah and there is no snow!)

She started with 8 1/2 ” squares of fabric.  Then she cut 2″ x width of fabric strips for the ruffles. She then cut the strips in half so they were about 21-22″ long.  Gather each of the strips and sew them onto half of the squares.  She randomly placed 5 minky flowers on 5 of the blocks with no ruffles.  She stitched 1/4″ from edges of flowers and also from the edges of the centers of the flowers.  She then laid it out on the floor and placed every other block with ruffles and each row had the ruffles turning the opposite way.  Then simply sew the blocks together and then sew the strips together.  I think that her design turned out absolutely darling.  She put a minky backing on it so it is such a cozy quilt for her little girl.  The edges of all the ruffles and the flower centers are raw, so that when you wash it, it will rag out and be so soft and cuddly!

I think that I might need to get another quilt project going after seeing how darling this one turned out!  I loved the fact that she designed this all by herself, it tends to make a mother right proud!  :)