turning twenty quilt

Turning Twelve Quilt

My granddaughter finished her turning twenty quilt, only we did twelve, not twenty fat quarters.  She added the borders and the corners and I was able to get it all quilted for her.turning twenty quiltI think that she loves it!  :)turning twenty quiltShe added the border and the corners.  Her only request when we started her sewing class was that she could have minky fabric on the back…we found this zebra minky that matched perfectly…so someone was very happy!  I quilted it and sewed the binding on.  This pattern is called “Turning Twenty“, but we only did twelve blocks!  It is a perfect size for a lap quilt for her!turning twenty quiltShe is going to save this quilt for when they move into their new house.  But she loves it and her mom is going to try to find a bedspread that matches and she will fold this at the bottom of her bed.  So now she has one new thing for her new bedroom!

My granddaughter loves to sew and I need to find another project for her so that she will want to keep learning!  Does anyone out there have any fun beginning projects?  We have done pillowcases and pajama bottoms, so I would like to find a different project for her.

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  1. There is a Halloween wall hanging pattern named “Happy Jack” uses large squares with 4 large half square triangles. The face is machine appliqué but easy, may be a good project for your Grand daughter . She did a beautiful job on her quilt she may be able to make this wall hanging.

  2. It’s lovely! Did you use batting and minky or just minky? My daughter is making a lap quilt with minky on the back and we were wondering if would be too heavy with batting.

    1. I used a very thin batting. It would be too heavy if you used a regular batting. I have done some quilts with just the minky, but I like using something like warm and natural batting to give it just a little more body.

    1. Teresa, thanks so much for the tutorial link. Your pictures are darling and when my granddaughter sees them, I am guessing that will be what she will want her next project will want to be! :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. How did you quilt it together? Do you have a special sewing machine for that? What kind of sewing machine do you use? Thanks.

    1. Maureen, I have a long arm Handi Quilter 16 machine. I love this machine, but I am still just learning how to quilt with it! It is great that I can practice on these smaller quilts! :)

  4. The quilt is really pretty. What about decorative pillows out of some of the matching fabric to put on her bed? They could be in different shapes.

    1. That would be a great idea except you use fat quarters to make this quilt and it uses the whole fat quarter, so there are no pieces left over. But we could make a pillow to match out of a fabric that matches! Thanks for the idea! :)

  5. I bought the pattern for this quilt and maybe I missed this somewhere, but did you buy 12 separate 1/4 yards of material to make this throw-quilt? I want to make one for my grandson for his birthday in February. Also, do you know where I would search for someone who does quilting as a job – or do you know anyone?

    Thank you so much

    1. Sharron, you can use 1/4 yard cuts, but we used 12 different fat quarters. The original pattern calls for 20 fat quarters…that is why it is called turning twenty, but you can also make your cuts from the 1/4 yard cuts. We just made a smaller version of that pattern, only using 12. As far as someone that does quilting as a job, I know of someone in Pleasant Grove, Utah, if you live anywhere around there, otherwise you could ask at any of the quilt shops.

      1. Thank you for always responding. I live on your site! I could just stay on your site and never go on Pinterest again!

        Thanks Rita

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