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Coke Quilt

COKE Quilt

I went for a mammogram a few weeks ago…which by the way…if you are due for one, or overdue…GO GET IT DONE.  Luckily everything was okay for me, but on the way home I decided that I needed to treat myself…to a new quilt kit!  I’m spoiled rotten, I know!  They had these kits at the Fabric Mill  in Orem, Utah and I just could not resist!  I am a well known Coke-aholic!  My granddaughter reminds me of this often!  :)Coke quilt Continue reading


Halloween Table Runner

I saw this pattern a couple of weeks ago and being the Halloween nut that I am, I decided that I needed to make it!  It does not matter that I have so many Halloween quilts and table runners already that I have to lay them on the backs of chairs!   I just could not resist the cuteness of this one!Halloween Table Runner Continue reading