Secret Service Saturday

Remember when I said in the Nov. visiting teaching post that I felt like I needed to do more service?  Well I decided that from time to time I will do a

Secret Service Saturday!

I found this really fun idea in the Oct/Nov 2012 Taste of Home magazine!  The article is called “Best $10 I Ever Spent”

The idea of this article is a way for us to think of others.

A mother gave each of her adult children and grandchildren $10.  She told them to spend it on someone less fortunate than themselves and then they were to report back in a few weeks of what they did with the $10.

Some of the ideas were:

Bought yarn and knitted hats and scarves for the homeless.

Gave the $10 to a local elementary school to help pay for school lunches for those students who couldn’t afford them.

Bought food for the hungry.

Gave the money to someone in line at the department store who didn’t have enough money.

I totally love this idea and I am planning on doing something like this with my kids and grandkids!  I love that it makes you think of someone else and how you could best use $10.

Is there something that you could do this Saturday that could be a Secret Service?  It does not need to be a big thing, a phone call to someone who is lonely, a smile or a wave of your hand to a stranger, perhaps spending time with someone who is down, etc.  I am sure that you can think of one thing that you could do to brighten someone else’s day and I will just bet that if you do, you will find yourself  just a little bit happier too!

Happy Secret Service Saturday everyone!  Love Ya!

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