Light-up Christmas Lantern

I got a few lanterns at Ikea a while back for the holidays.  I made up a couple of them and I love the way they look and the ambiance that they create with the lights in them.  They just glow so pretty with the stars cut out of the top of the lanterns!  I am really a sucker for lights in my house.  I have them everywhere, even when it is not Christmas!

I started with the lantern.

 Because they were from Ikea, I had to put them together.  But if you want to make one of these, you can just purchase a lantern from your favorite craft store or boutique.   Unless, of course you can find any left at Ikea!

Find a fun center piece as your focal point.

Don’t you just love the face on this cute little Santa?

Add a strand of lights around your focal piece and a few Christmas balls or holly or stars or any accessories that you think are cute!

 Tie a cute bow on the top and you are done.  It is really that easy!

Plug in the lights and turn on the Christmas music and take five!  (Heaven knows you probably need to!)

Here are two different lanterns.  A traditional one with the Santa and a modern one with the glittered gift!  Both so cute!

Has anybody started putting out their Christmas yet?  I am thinking about it this weekend when all of the kids are here, so that they can haul all of the boxes up from downstairs!  Isn’t that what we had kids for… after all?

Have a great weekend everyone!  Love Ya!

15 thoughts on “Light-up Christmas Lantern

    1. Thanks for wonderful ideas and posts. Quick question. Our craft store. Mulberry Cottage in CA. closed down awhile ago. I bought two beautiful red and silver ornamental lanterns with an illusion of being lit. I have these two, but would love to find the green and silver they used to have. They had two left of the red ones, or I would have bought more for our tree. Any idea on locating them? I love lanterns too and even have the red ones in an upper shelf of my bookcase (when not Christmas too). They give a beautiful gleam. Thanks for reading this. Best, Janet

  1. This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I like to do. I have an old lantern. I LOVE the color, too. It’s yummy. Can’t say enough about this. Would love it if you came and linked up to my Christmas Ornament Party, too, even though it’s not an ornament, it’s ornamentation, right? Take care, Linda

  2. I just have one questions. Where does the cord come out of the lantern to plug in?? I want to make a few of these for gifts this year. I have some wonderful ideas for the inside just am not sure how to disquise the cord coming out of the lantern.

    1. I was able to take the glass out the put the cord through the back and then replace the glass. I know on some of the lanterns you can take the cord up through the top or if it has a front door that opens. Hope this helps.

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