embroidered chicken dishtowels

Embroidered Chicken Dishtowels

Lately, I have decided that I am more country girl than city girl and these Embroidered Chicken Dishtowels kind of prove my point!embroidered chicken dishtowelsWhen my husband and I were in Texas last year, I found these dishtowels in a little quilt shop.  The printed stripes on these dishtowels won my heart over,  and the colors were perfect for my embroidered chickens!

embroidered chicken dishtowelsI also got the iron-on pattern at the same little shop.  The pattern is called Rise and Shine and it is from Yesterday’s Charm.

The vintage charm of these embroidered dishtowels are what I love the most!  Don’t they remind you of your grandma??DSC_9264There are seven different styles in the pattern.  But I chose the rooster crowing at the crack of dawn…embroidered chicken dishtowelsAnd the mother hen with her darling little chickees!

You could enjoy working on these Embroidered Chicken Dishtowels as I did.  They are simple to do and so relaxing.  There is not a lot of thinking and I could work on them while watching TV.

I did these two dishtowels, but I have 4 more that I can do.  It only makes sense to try out some of the other patterns, even though any other dishtowels that I do will be for gifts, not to make a set.

They would be fun to pair up with some fun hot pads, and/or a knitted dishcloth!embroidered chicken dishtowelsA fun way to display these towels is on my antique ladder!  The rungs are the perfect width to display the dishtowels without having to fold them in!  I wanted to be able to see the printed stripes!  So this ladder will go in my kitchen along with the cute hen.  This makes a fun way to welcome in a country spring! (Even though it snowed yesterday!)

Are you a little bit country too?

Thanks for Visiting…Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “Embroidered Chicken Dishtowels

  1. Love, and yes it reminded me of my mother, she felt that it was so important to teach her girls how to hand stitch and I want to make these in honor of her. Thank you for sharing, your posts are a high light of my day!

  2. Oh, I love these, Rita. It reminds me of my Mom. She could satin stitch better than anyone I know and every piece that I have that she embroidered for me is a treasure. Thanks for the memory.

    1. Debbie, Thank you for sharing your memory about your mom. Satin stitch is a talent that I have not mastered very well. :) But it is fun to think back to simpler times and all the great memories that we have!

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