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Santa Claus

Sinterklaas Party 2014

We had our annual Sinterklaas party last night and boy am I tired this morning!  It was a  lot of fun…but a lot of work!  We celebrate Sinterklaas day because my oldest son served a mission for the church in the Netherlands.  I have always loved the idea of welcoming in the Christmas Season with Santa!  We then celebrate the spiritual side of Christmas on Christmas Eve.Santa Claus Continue reading


Ruffled Christmas Dishtowel and Knitted Dishcloths

It seems like I have had a lot of sewing projects lately and I promise that there are only a couple of more to come!

 I just get the sewing bug when it comes to Christmas!  I like to make some of my Christmas gifts and of course I love sewing some fun quilts and pillows!

Today I have my Christmas version of the ruffled dishtowels!

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Knitted Dishcloths

When I was a little girl, only 4-5 years old my mother took me to a yarn shop called Hiendselman’s, in Provo, Utah.  They taught me how to knit!  It seems hard to believe now, but I can still remember the lady telling me “In – around – and through” and I remember even at that early age how I loved all the colors and textures of the yarns that were in slots on the wall!  So I guess that I have my mother to blame for all my craft making.  Even though she is no longer here, she started it!  Thanks mom!:)

It seems like every winter that I get the urge to start knitting these dishcloths.  They are the most wonderful  things because they are made with all cotton yarn and they absorb the water when you are wiping your kitchen counters.  They are also a nice big size for washing dishes!  I have made so many different colors and styles, but this is the pattern that I always come back to.  I use the Sugar  and Cream yarn and I can get two dishcloths out of one skein. Although the with new “twist” Peaches and Cream yarn, I could only get 3 dishcloths out of 2 skeins of yarn, even though they are the same yardage and weight, it is a finer yarn. (They are the red and green ones.)

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