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mountain view

Wildflowers at the Cabin

My husband and I went up to our cabin last week and it was a beautiful site!  As we turned around a bend we saw beautiful fields of Wildflowers at the Cabin!  There were so many of them that I decided I “needed” a beautiful bouquet to enjoy for the time that we were there!Wildflowers at the cabin Continue reading

wildflowers at cabin 2015

Wildflowers in Utah Mountains

A week ago my husband and I were at our cabin and the wildflowers in the Utah mountains were absolutely stunning!  We had quite a wet spring and so the wildflowers got watered and when the sun came out they were such a beautiful sight!  I was going to pick a big bouquet and bring them inside, but decided that I would just enjoy them in all their natural settings!wildflowers at cabin 2015 Continue reading


Happy Memorial Day!

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying our first official summer holiday!  I hope that you will all remember your loved ones that have passed on and that we can honor their legacies.I am grateful to all those veterans that have given their lives for our freedom and hope that their families can find peace in the service that they have given.These flowers are some that I picked up at our cabin!  They are so beautiful and I love all the colors that we have!  I just had to share them with you.

Happy Memorial Day!