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Sisal Balls &Americana Jar

Americana Jar and Sisal Balls

Today I have a couple of fun projects just in time for your 4th of July decorating!  I am going to show you how to make sisal balls in any color or size and a matching Americana jar to complete a little vignette!

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July 4th Bingo Game

Last weekend on the way to our cabin, my husband stopped at World Market to let me look around for awhile.  I love that store!  I saw a really cool Bingo Game and it was a vintage one with a cage wheel and everything.  I debated about getting it for our 4th of July party, but in the end I decided just to make a game instead and use the money to buy prizes for the winners!  I’m crazy I know.  I really don’t know what got into me… but lucky for you, because now you can play bingo on the 4th of July  with your family and friends too!

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