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lucky rice crispie treats

Lucky Rice Crispie Treats

Lucky Rice Crispie Treats

I am feeling very lucky today…or should I say blessed!  Last week my email was hacked into and I was wiped out for a few days!  The hacker managed to wipe out all of my contacts and I could not receive any emails.  I could send them out but was unable to receive any!  Through a series of many trial things, I was finally blessed to find a cute, sweet girl at the Outlook Store in the mall.  She was able to find the help we needed through a tech guy.  Together they found the problem and were able to restore all of my contacts again!  So as I said I am feeling very blessed now!

To celebrate, I thought that I would make some Lucky Rice Crispie Treats!  Don’t you think that is fitting?lucky rice crispie treats Continue reading

lucky charm bingo

Lucky Charm Bingo Game

Hey, everyone…I am so excited today to have a special guest blogger!  It is my 10 year old granddaughter, Kinly!  She has designed a special treat for you, it is this Lucky Charm Bingo Game.   She is learning how to create printables and how to edit photos and so we decided that it would be fun for her to create a post just for you!lucky charm bingo Continue reading

St. Patrick's Bag Toppers

St. Patrick’s Bag Topper

Here is a great way to give an inexpensive little treat!  These are perfect for Visiting Teaching, class handouts, activity days, teacher treats,  a fun thank you treat, or just to make someone smile!  Give these to all of your little “Lucky Charms”.St. Patrick's Bag topper

St. Patrick’s Day Bag Toppers

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Thursday’s Thought-St. Patrick’s Day Vintage

I thought that it would be fun to share a vintage St. Patrick’s Day photo today.  I love these old postcards, they just have so much class!  So without further ado here is a darling St. Paddy’s  cutest child!Vintage-St-Patricks-Day-Picture-GraphicsFairy-664x1024(The Graphic Fairy)

This old Postcard shows a darling little Boy! He’s wearing a white romper with a Green Sash and a bouquet of Shamrocks pinned to the fabric. He has such a sweet expression on his little face!  The text reads “The Wearing of the Green”. The artist is Ellen Clapsaddle.

Happy Thursday Everyone and May the Luck of the Irish be With You Today!

St. Paddy’s Candy Countdown

Today I have a fun St. Paddy’s Day Candy Countdown in shop! St-Paddy's-Day-Countdown-005-sample
St. Paddy’s Day Countdown 

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