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Santa Claus

Sinterklaas Party 2014

We had our annual Sinterklaas party last night and boy am I tired this morning!  It was a  lot of fun…but a lot of work!  We celebrate Sinterklaas day because my oldest son served a mission for the church in the Netherlands.  I have always loved the idea of welcoming in the Christmas Season with Santa!  We then celebrate the spiritual side of Christmas on Christmas Eve.Santa Claus Continue reading


“ites” Book Review

First of all I just want to ask how everyone is doing with their 40 day reading challenge?  It started yesterday, but you can always start today and catch up with the rest of us!  :)  I love this challenge and hope that everyone will enjoy it as much as I do.

Today I have a fun gift idea for those of you that are Mormons and have a small family or for those of you that are grandparents to small children.

It is this “ites” book:

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