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Thursday’s Thought-Life is Like a Camera

I thought that this thought was so cute!  I love the analogy of picture taking with real life!  It is perfect for the photographer in your life, or just for a thought about how to deal with life!  It would be a fun Father’s Day print with the blues and orange colors!  It would also be a great gift for the new graduate in your life!Life-is-like-a-camera

There are some days that you just have to “take another shot”, but for the most part, I hope that we can learn from the negatives!

I hope that you are having a great Thursday!  

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Father’s Day File Folder Books

If this is my dad or my husband, please do not read this post!

I made these fun file folder books for Father’s Day and so I decided that I would share them with you today.  They are really pretty easy to put together, so if you still need a last minute idea for a gift, you could still make one of these!


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Thursday’s Thought-My Father Gave Me…

Here is a last minute thought for Father’s Day.

This would make a great little gift if you want to print it and put it in a fun frame! :)

I totally feel this way about my dad and I appreciate all that he has done for me!  He is a great example for me and ever since my mom passed away, I have been able to spend more time with him and I just enjoy being around him. I love that I can still call him for any gardening help or handyman needs!  Thanks, Dad, for all you do for my family!  We all love you!


I also have to say that my husband is a great example of this in our own children.  He has always been their biggest supporter, whether in sports, business or family life.  They all still call their dad for advice and help and I am so grateful that he has this kind of relationship with all of his children!

Thanks honey, I think that you are the greatest!

Have a Thoughtful Thursday Everyone!  Love Ya!

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June Calendar Ideas

Since Father’s Day is in June, I decided to make a calendar to honor Father’s!   I love the mustache craze and thought that it would be fun to incorporate them in my theme for this month!  I love how this turned out and the grandkids are having fun with the interactive mustaches!


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