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Christmas Scrapbook/journal

Christmas Scrapbook/Journal

Last weekend I stopped at a scrapbook store and I picked up a fun class kit that they had for a Christmas Scrapbook/journal.  It was the last one they had, so I took it!  I brought it home and that afternoon I started putting it together…and by the end of the evening I had it almost completely put together!  I was so excited that it went together so quickly and it had everything that I needed plus quite a bit more…all included in the kit!Christmas Journal/scrapbook Continue reading

Anniversary Book

Anniversary Scrapbook

My husband and I just celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary!?  How can that be…when I still consider myself to be a forty-something?  The numbers just don’t crunch!

But I am the luckiest girl alive because I am truly married to my BEST Friend!

I decided to make a little scrapbook because of a fun little idea that I saw on Pinterest, it uses all kinds of numbers and I knew that my husband would love it!Anniversary Book Continue reading


Friday’s Favorite Find-Heidi Swapp’s Memory Planner

A couple of week ago when I was cleaning and organizing in my scrapbook room, I came across this book that I had put together in 2011.  I only completed about 6 months in this book, but it was so fun to look back and see some of the projects that I did and some of the trips that we took and some of the holidays that we celebrated etc.


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Craft retreat 2013

Craft Retreat 2013

We were able to get our cabin all put back together from the fire and the flood, just in time for my craft retreat this weekend.  (Sometimes it helps to have a deadline that you are working for!)  The new carpet was installed on Monday and we arrived on Thursday!  The ladies were all kind enough to help me put a couple of the beds back in the right place and do a quick little clean-up.  

We started the weekend with a shopping trip to World Market and a couple of other places, then we had dinner at Cafe Rio, a favorite of everyone!  After dinner we drove up to our cabin.  There were 6 of us and we had a great time over the course of the next two days getting to know each other.  We crafted, we ate, we talked, we laughed, we ate, we crafted some more and just had a great overall time.

Craft retreat 2013

This is what the loft looked like most of the weekend.  We were painting, sewing, paper crafting and doing vinyl!  We were able to complete 5 different projects in one day!  It was pretty much a marathon, but such a fun one!  We started Friday morning right after breakfast and ended at about midnight!  With only a couple of breaks in between.


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Owl Tags

I went to Swiss Days this weekend and it was a complete MAD HOUSE!  I have never seen that many people there!  I am glad for the vendors, but boy was it hard to get around and it was also very hot at 10 in the morning!  But I did manage to get a few fun things, one of them being a darling little boy quilt kit, I need another quilt like I need a hole in the head, but it was just too cute to pass it up!  :)

My husband and I went up to the cabin this weekend too and there is pretty good progress being made.  We are hoping to have everything put back together by next weekend.  We are keeping our fingers crossed!

I had so many kind comments and emails and Facebook comments this weekend with the Sept Visiting Teaching handout and I want to thank all of you that took the time to write, it really makes my day to hear from each of you!

To thank all of you for your support…I had a request to make the owl tags with no writing, so here is the blank version for you to use for any personal use!  These are perfect for gift tags, notes, journaling tags in scrapbooks, or just to make a fun list on!

Sept-2013-VT-003-blank-owl-tagsI hope that you have a great rest of the weekend!  

Thanks again for your support and for visiting today!  Love Ya!

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Father’s Day File Folder Books

If this is my dad or my husband, please do not read this post!

I made these fun file folder books for Father’s Day and so I decided that I would share them with you today.  They are really pretty easy to put together, so if you still need a last minute idea for a gift, you could still make one of these!


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File Folder Memory Book- Giveaway!

Who would like a chance to win a file folder Memory Book?


I am giving one of these darling books away over on my Facebook page!

Visit me here so you can have a chance to be the lucky winner!

Good Luck to Everyone!  Love Ya!

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File Folder Memory Books

I don’t know if many of you know that I used to own a scrapbook store called “Forget Me Not Scrapbooking Co.”  I closed my shop several years ago and I have not really done much scrapbooking since then.  But then, my children are all married and out of the house, so I don’t have as many events to scrapbook any more!    I love to do my “Smash journal” and I love all scrapbooking products and use them for all kinds of paper crafting projects but just have not done much in the way of scrapbooks.

 A couple of weeks ago our local Archiver’s was hosting a Heidi Swapp File folder class and so I decided to take it just for fun!   Boy was that a mistake, (but a good mistake!)  I am hooked on making these little mini books and I love the look of these sweet things!


I made these for gifts and I can hardly wait for an excuse to make more of these!  I have several ideas in mind, including some for Father’s Day, baby books, and they make great birthday gifts or would be perfect for a wedding gift!

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Sunny Arizona

My husband and I just got back from our annual trip to Sunny Arizona!  We go every year for Spring Training Baseball, well at least that is what we say we go for, but we pack a whole lot more into this trip than just baseball!  My number one favorite reason for going this time of year is for the beautiful sunny skies!  It is always so warm and wonderful every year when we go and I love just soaking in all of that gorgeous sunshine.   It does make it a little difficult to come home when everyone back home (Utah) says that it is snowing again, but after a glorious 10 days we did decide to come back! :)


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Handmade Smash Journal

I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas and that you are still enjoying time with your loved ones!  We had a great Christmas Eve gathering with all of our family and it was so fun to have all of my family together!  We had dinner and a fun night of sharing our White Envelope Stories (we changed this up just a bit this year and had the kids all tell us what they did).  We then we opened presents with all of the adult men getting a Nerf gun and having an all out competition with a target drawn on one of my french doors!  (Even my 86 year old dad got in on the action!)  It was crazy!


Then we all settled down to read the Nativity story in Luke 2.  The kids loved the nativity costumes and it turned out really cute to have them act out the different parts!


So are you now ready to move into 2013?

 It seems like we all turn to organizing and setting some goals for the new year and I have a fun little idea for you.  I am not very good at setting goals because they are the same every year, which means that I am not very good at accomplishing the goals that I set for myself!  But I am good at making lists and accomplishing a lot of the things on my list, so I love the idea of the Smash journals.  If you are not familiar with them, the basic idea behind them is that you just “smash” your ideas, pictures, magazine articles, ticket stubs, etc into your book.  Here is the description from the Smash Pinterest page:

“So, what do you Smash? Well, it doesn’t have to be a life event, just the special little moments and mementos of your day—some of that stuff in your junk drawer, for example. A snapshot, a ticket stub from that movie you loved, a newspaper clipping, a magazine snippet, a cardboard coaster from a favorite restaurant, your child’s first crayon doodle…get the idea? Smash it, jot a note or add a caption sticker, and go! Smash is a great way to document everyday life or a road trip.”

So I made some “Smash” books for some of my Christmas gifts this year!


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