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McKinly's Baptism Quilt

Girl Baptism Quilt

One of our granddaughter’s was baptized this last weekend.  This was a special day for her.  In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints the children are baptized when they are 8 years old.

I have made it a tradition to make a quilt for each of the grandkids for their baptism.  It has always been a minky quilt with minky fabric on the front and the back!  They are so warm and cuddly!  I also have their name and the year and “choose the right” embroidered in one of the corners.  


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Pink Baby Quilt

I do not have a Thursday’s Thought this week.  Instead, I have this really cute picture!


This is our newest little granddaughter!  We are so excited to have her here and to know that she and her mom are both doing good!  We were worried because there were some complications, so we are so thankful that everything turned out so well! Continue reading


Ruffled Quilt

My daughter made this darling quilt for her daughter and had it all quilted up cute.  All that need to be done was to put the binding on and it would be finished. Easy, right?  Well not to her.  She struggled to get it finished and finally just brought it to me to complete it.  Isn’t that what moms are for?  I really didn’t mind, because I just worked on it one evening while we were watching a ball game.  She designed this pattern from a couple of other quilts that she had seen, and of course I loved all the ruffles!(I cannot believe that we are taking pictures outside in the middle of January in Utah and there is no snow!)

She started with 8 1/2 ” squares of fabric.  Then she cut 2″ x width of fabric strips for the ruffles. She then cut the strips in half so they were about 21-22″ long.  Gather each of the strips and sew them onto half of the squares.  She randomly placed 5 minky flowers on 5 of the blocks with no ruffles.  She stitched 1/4″ from edges of flowers and also from the edges of the centers of the flowers.  She then laid it out on the floor and placed every other block with ruffles and each row had the ruffles turning the opposite way.  Then simply sew the blocks together and then sew the strips together.  I think that her design turned out absolutely darling.  She put a minky backing on it so it is such a cozy quilt for her little girl.  The edges of all the ruffles and the flower centers are raw, so that when you wash it, it will rag out and be so soft and cuddly!

I think that I might need to get another quilt project going after seeing how darling this one turned out!  I loved the fact that she designed this all by herself, it tends to make a mother right proud!  :)


Halloween Quilt

I got this kit from one of my favorite quilt shops in St. George: Lazy Daisy Cottage.  When I saw it I automatically fell in love because, well hello, it is PINK!  Not your usual colors for Halloween.  Anyway it was a super easy kit to put together and I just got it back from my quilter, Becky Albrecht.  I love how she quilted it and I love how fun this quilt turned out to be!

Look at these fun witches in the blocks, are they not the most whimsical, fun characters!A witch with an attitude! Does that sound like anyone that you know?The back of this quilt is pink and black zebra minky! So soft and perfect for snuggling with the grandkids to read our favorite Halloween book:  “Frank Was A Monster, Who Wanted to Dance!”

I will put a tutorial on how to do a quilt binding with the mitered corners. They really are easy if you see it done once!