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Cherry Table Quilt

I have a fun little table quilt that I have been working on for the last year!  One of my girlfriend’s gave me the pattern and we have both been working on them together, it is so fun to have a friend that likes to do what you do!  I guess that is why we are best friends! :)

Cherry Table Quilt

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Snowmen A to Zzzz quilt pattern

Stitched Snowman Quilt

Here is a fun project that one of my my DIL’s did!

I love it, and since we have not had much snow here in Utah yet,  I love that this one is full of SNOW PEOPLE!  It has such a fun, whimsical feeling and who would not love to wrap up in this darling quilt on a “cold winters’ night?”

She started stitching the blocks last January and got it done in plenty of time for the holidays!  How cute is this?

Her stitching is absolutely beautiful!

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Easter Decor

I put out some of my Spring/Easter decorations the other day.  I had a really good helper in my granddaughter that I was tending.  We decided one afternoon when she was here that it would be a good idea to start decorating.  Her little brother, however, was not the biggest helper!  He was not feeling good and I thought that he would maybe take a little nap. NOT! I guess that is what I get for trying to out guess him.  But we did get the front entrance done and the stairway.  This is what it looks like:

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Christmas Quilt & Pillows

A few days ago, I told you that I was trying to finish up a couple of projects before all of our parties and that I would show you the projects that went with my ruffled tree skirt. Well, here they are!

I made this Christmas quilt last year.  It took me a whole entire year to do all of the stitchery, and the quilt blocks, but I was determined to finish it and have it quilted and ready to go for Christmas last year.

Here is a close-up of the stitching!And the quilt blocks that I had to piece together.  Don’t you love the quilting!  I love how she put snowflakes and swirly things in it!Well, this fall I found these two patterns that went with the quilt, so I decided that I HAD to have them also!I would work on the stitching at night, while we were watching TV and they really worked up pretty fast, but I took my lolly sweet time in getting all the fabric and notions together and so therefore, I was in a frantic rush to get the pillows all put together at the last minute!  Does anyone else out there procrastinate?  I have decided that I work really well with a deadline!

This fun pillow has a felted wool top on it and covered fabric buttons. It also has            pom-poms for the tree ornaments and ric rac all around the outside!  Isn’t it a perfect match for the quilt?  Here is a link for the pattern.

This pillowcase was a cinch to put together and these patterns are wonderful.  They have great instructions on how to assemble everything.

 I love my Christmas bedroom!  It makes me feel all warm and cozy.  If any of you would like to make the quilt for yourself for next Christmas here is the link for the pattern.  The patterns are all from Crabapple Hill Studio.  They have a great selection of really fun quilts and pillows, and if you start now, you can have it done for next year!  Yea, right, like we all have time right now to start anything!  But you know what I mean.

(While linking up to the Crabapple Hill Studio, I saw some other really cute patterns, so maybe in January I will have to find another project!)