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rustic frame

Rustic Picture Frame

Medical update: I am getting a little bit stronger every day.  I think the thing that fooled me the most was how weak I am and how little energy I have!  I guess that is from the blood loss. I feel like my arm is getting a little bit stronger every day and my incision is healing well.  The good news is that the numbness is slowly leaving…the bad news…I can now feel it!  I still have my super glue on the top of the incision, but the bruising is almost gone.  (My arm just looks a little bit dirty where the bruising is!)  I can now start lifting 10 pounds, but I cannot yet rotate my arm outwards all the way.  But all in all, I would say that I am doing super!

So, I still cannot do very many projects, but I would like to share one with you that I picked up at a little boutique during our town celebration:

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Spring Welcome Sign

I was driving down the road yesterday and this is what I saw! 

The skies were so blue, the clouds and the tops of the mountains so white, and it just looked like spring with the sun shining so bright!  


I love that I live so close to the mountains and that I get to experience all 4 seasons! 

They are all so beautiful! 


Well, after being outside a bit, I decided that I needed to start getting ready for Spring, so I thought that a welcome sign would be just the thing to get me started.  This sign is on my post that sits at the front door.


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Easy, Fun Magnet Board

Hey everyone, how are you doing today? 

It has been snowing again here in Utah, UGH! But we really do need the water, so I guess that I had better not complain! :)

So with the bad weather, I usually stay inside and work on a project.  I have 3 different wood projects from Poppy Seed Projects, so I pulled them out and started working on them.  The first one that I made was this super easy magnet board:


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