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Cute Scarecrow Cupcakes

I have to admit that today’s post is a bit of a fail!  I wanted to make some Cute Scarecrow Cupcakes and they did not not turn out as cute as I had hoped they would!  Does anyone else out there have cooking fails from time to time?  These turned out okay…and they taste great…they just aren’t as cute as the ones I was trying to copy!scarecrow cupcakes Continue reading

Halloween Soup Can Surprise

Cute Halloween Ideas

I love Halloween like a lot of you out there…but like a lot of you out there…I only like the cute Halloween things, not the scary ones!  So I thought that it would be fun to start sharing some fun, cute Halloween ideas today.  Some of these ideas are from an older post and some are what I have pinned on Pinterest.  Hope these give you and idea or two that you can use this Halloween!  Just click on the link below each image for the details.

This first one is a fun way to surprise the little spooks in your family!  You will need to start collecting all of those empty soup cans, so start eating soup for lunch. :)  All kids young and old love this fun way to receive treats or small trinkets.  This has a free printable for the labels!Halloween Soup Can Surprise

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Halloween Muddy Buddies

The other day I had one of my best little helpers with me and we decided that we would like to make something good to eat!

My little helper was great at measuring and pouring the ingredients into the bowl.  I love to have a little helper in the kitchen, don’t you?

We decided that these Halloween Muddy Buddies would hit the spot, what do you think?  Do you want to make some too?

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