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Will cook for shoes-apron

Will Cook For Shoes-Apron

I had a crazy fun week last week!

I went with my best friend, Kathy, (from Junior high school) to lunch, shopping and antique junking!  We had such a fun day and we never tire of things to talk about!  She is just like a sister to me!  We also went to a fun green house in Springville, Utah.  It is still too early to plant most flowers here, but it was fun to get some ideas.  I did get a beautiful succulent planter! 

Then, I went on an overnighter with some friends to Heber, Utah.  We went to a movie, we ate out for every meal and we went shopping.  We stayed up late talking and playing a card game…a perfect girls outing!  It is always so fun to get together with good friends!

Then on Friday, my husband and I went to our property for the afternoon and then back to our cabin for the night.  On the way up we stopped in Park City, Utah, for a short shopping trip.  I was a total bum last week and so now I need to get back to a routine.  I don’t really know why…other than that is what is
expected of me!  :)will cook for shoes

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Friday’s Favorite Finds

Today I have a couple of new favorite finds that I am totally in love with! :)

My first favorite find… I got at “All that Stuff in the Barn” in Midway Utah, but I have heard that they have them at Kneaders and I also saw one at Gardner Village in the Old Mill shop.perpetual calendar Continue reading


Meeting a New Friend!

Yesterday I got to meet Kristi from I Should Be Mopping the Floor!   I do a guest post once a month for her blog, so I felt like I knew her already!  If you have never visited her site you are missing out, she has some great ideas and beautiful pictures!  Take a minute and check it out!She is in Utah for a blogging conference close to my home, so we made arrangements to get together for a short time.

She was so sweet and I felt like she could be my sister (although she would be a younger sister!).  She has helped me a great deal with my blog and is so willing to share her information on things that I can do to improve.  But she is also just a kind, fun, sweet person to be around and the time went by way too quick!

We were able to visit while we made a stop at Gygi’s, one of my favorite places to visit.  I got some lemon flavored chocolate that I want to try out really soon… think lemon dipped strawberries for Mother’s Day!  After that stop we went over to the Blue Lemon for lunch, another one of my favorite places to eat.  So I gave Kristi a very short tour of a couple of my favorite places in SLC.

I had a wonderful time and I am so glad that I got to meet her!  Thanks Kristi! :)

After I let her off to go back to her blogging conference, I made a little detour over to Trader Joe’s since I was so close, I could not pass up the opportunity to just go over there and browse and do a little shopping.  Of course, I bought some of their flowers, just because… and I brought them home and arranged them.

I love the bright yellows and purple is this fun arrangement!  I got the yellow mason jar at Steinmart and have just been waiting to put a fun floral arrangement in it!  It is amazing how happy a bunch of flowers for $5.99 can make this girl! :)

So I got to spend the day with a great friend, we had good food, did a little shopping and flowers to top it all off.  I would say that this was pretty much a perfect day!

I hope that you get to spend a perfect day with someone you love real soon!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thanks for Visiting!  Love Ya!

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Craft Retreat

We had a fun little craft retreat at our cabin this last weekend.  It was kind of fun because I had my sister bring a friend, and my friend  brought her sister and I brought another friend.  So we all had someone we knew and then we got to make new friends!  It was great.  Each group was supposed to bring a craft for everyone else to make.  We did not put any restrictions on what we would do, we just put a $10 limit on each project.  It was so much fun to see what everyone came up with.   I decided that since I was hosting that perhaps I should do two crafts, well guess what… so did every one else!  So instead of 3 projects, we made 6.  Oh what fun we had!

We crafted, ate, went shopping, ate some more, giggled, fed the deer, crafted some more,  stayed up late talking, ate again, fed the deer again and crafted some more, then went shopping again on the way home!

Here is my fun little group with one of our projects: How fun is this for Halloween?   (a tutorial is coming!)
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Dog Kennel Quilt Show

I went to the Dog Kennel Quilt show this last weekend. Isn’t that quite the name!  apparently when they first started they met in an old dog kennel building!  My how times have changed. They were celebrating 20 years this year!  This is what greeted us as we pulled up to the house!  Is that amazing or what.  It is a small representation of some of their quilts over the last 20 years! Continue reading


Swiss Days Finds

Labor Day Weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year!  Not because we have some great family traditions that we do, but because I have a personal tradition that I do! I go to Swiss Days in Midway, Utah every year.  I have been going for years and I look forward to it every fall!  We go up Provo canyon to get there and it is always such a beautiful drive because the leaves have started turning their bright and beautiful colors. There is usually a little bit of coolness in the air and it is perfect for shopping at all the different boutique booths! Continue reading


Girls’s Retreat

I went with two of my friends up to our cabin, for a couple of days and it was so fun to just relax and enjoy fun friendships, go shopping, crafting, and of course eating!  We got there in the evening and we each had brought a project to work on, but we were having too much fun just talking and laughing to do them!

But I found these fun little scrapbook kits at a garage sale last weekend, so I busted them out and we started working on them while we continued to visit.

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Card Making Party!

Last week my husband was gone and so I decided to have a card making party while he was away!  My neighbor agreed to teach us some new techniques and tips and so we got some of the girls together for a fun little night out!  I was having so much fun that I really forgot to take very many pictures and the ones I have here have very poor lighting, so you will have to excuse the photographer on this post, but she was more interested in being with friends than the camera! :)

This is my cute little neighbor, who taught our class!

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Ruffled Tree Skirt

One down and two more parties to go this week!  Last night we had a really fun party that has become a tradition in our ward (congregation).  The ladies get together for a progressive dinner.  We have been doing it for about 6 years.  I live in a cul-de-sac and so for the last couple of years we have done it all in our cul-de-sac, because then we can just walk from home to home.  It is so fun.  Everyone started at my house for the appetizers, then we walked across the road for a wonderful meal and then back across the street, to my friend, Susan’s,  for the best part of all…desserts!  It was a really fun evening and we had about 50 people there!

So needless to say, I was cleaning my house all day and getting the final touches on my decorating, before the party started.  One of the projects that I did was this cute ruffled tree skirt.  It was so fun and I completed it in a couple of hours!  It has NO SEWING, can you believe it!  It is all hot glued!  (I know me and the glue gun sometimes don’t get along, but I did not burn myself once this time!)

This little tree is in my bedroom and it goes perfectly with a bedspread that I made. 

I am so tickled with this tree skirt and I love all the ruffles!  (Imagine that!)  If you would like to try to make one of these go to Studio 5 for a great tutorial.  I used a small piece of dowel to stick my ruffles down with and that is why I did not get any hot glue burns, in the video, she uses some kind of a glove, that would work too, but I like the dowel, because then my hands were more free.

I will show you a couple of more projects that I did tomorrow, but for now it is off to do some shopping and to get ready for the next two parties! (But at least now my house is clean!)


UEA Weekend

This past week the kids had their fall break from school, so we decided that the ones that were still in town, would meet for lunch at the Artic Circle in Saragtoga Springs because they always decorate it for Halloween.  The cousins always seem to have a great time when they are together and really do get along well!  They all had a kids meal with their spooky prize! (yum?)

There was this big spooky tree right in the middle of the restaurant, Cobwebs and all! Then there was this pit with all the skeleton bones and skulls and a place with eyeballs in it!

There is a wise old wizard. And lots of old skull bones!Pretty scary, huh?The kids kept saying that they needed to go to the bathroom and when I went with one of them I figured out why…the hallway to the bathroom was darkened and there were things hanging from the ceiling and lots of spooky sounds coming out of the walls!

The kids had a great time and it was good to let the cousins be friends!
If you are in the area… it is a fun place to take your little ones!