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Flirty Levi Apron

Flirty Levi Apron

I saw an apron at a little boutique a while back and I decided that I wanted try to make one.  The idea is a very simple one, and when it came to making it, it was very simple to make!  I love it when that happens!

Flirty Levi Apron

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Blanket Purse

I received this for a Christmas present from a dear friend and I loved it so much that I decided that I had better make a couple of them to have on hand for gifts.  (I might even save them for next Christmas!)


It is a blanket that is rolled up and has a pouch with a handle attached to it with velcro!  How cute is this?  My friend filled the pocket full of goodies and said just to keep it in the car!  I can think of a dozen different places that I could use this! Continue reading


Quilt As You Go Table Runner

I have been wanting a table runner for my table, but I wanted a square one, not a rectangle one.  I had several different pieces of fabric that were red and white, so naturally I decided that I needed to make my table runner.   I made it with all my scraps and this whole thing did not cost me any extra money, because I had everything that I needed!  Score!

I love how it looks on my kitchen table!


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Valentines Pillow Wrap

I have another pillow wrap for you today.

I love these wraps because they are such an easy way to decorate and a pillow can add so much to a room.  This is my Valentines version.  I love the colors with the touch of green added in the ruffle.  It goes perfect with my black pillow, so I did not need to make a new pillow,  just the wrap!


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