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sugar cookie lemon tarts

Sugar Cookie Lemon Tarts

I mentioned when I did the Visiting Teaching handout that I had lemons on the brain, so today I thought I would share this fun dessert that I made last week…Sugar Cookie Lemon Tarts!  It doesn’t get a whole lot better than sugar cookie tarts filled with a lemon filling and topped with whipped cream!  I have a couple of other recipes that I want to try out this next week…there is just something about lemons that are so refreshing in the hot summer months!  I love the tartness of lemons along with a bit of sweet, it is just very refreshing!sugar cookie lemon tarts Continue reading

Top 2013 posts

Top Ten Posts for 2013

I posted this a couple of weeks over at I Should Be Mopping the Floor, and I wanted to post it here for you today!

 These were my top 10 posts  in 2013!

Top 2013 posts

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Sugar-Crusted Lemon Raspberry Muffins

My raspberries are in full swing right now, but my dad has even more that I do and we are trying to keep up with them!  I usually just pick them and wash them, then put them on a lined cookie sheet to flash freeze them.  That way I can use them whenever I am ready.  I had in my mind that I wanted to make some muffins and I love the lemon blueberry recipe that I have, so decided to try another version with raspberries.  They did not disappoint!


These are perfect for the freezer, you can just take out the amount you need, warm them up a bit and you are good to go!

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