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Lee Ann's Salsa-Recipe

Recipe Cards!

Today I am excited to give you these recipe cards! 

These have been a long time in coming.   I made them to match my Recipe Book Dividers.  So now you can organize your recipes with the dividers and have matching cards to go with them! :)


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Top 2013 posts

Top Ten Posts for 2013

I posted this a couple of weeks over at I Should Be Mopping the Floor, and I wanted to post it here for you today!

 These were my top 10 posts  in 2013!

Top 2013 posts

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My 5 top posts for 2012

This is a post that I shared at Ginger Snap Crafts last week and decided that I would now share it with you.  It was fun to go back through the last year and review some of the projects and recipes.  This is really a good exercise for all of us to do.  Look back through your journals, calendars, or notebooks and take a look at all the things that you accomplished throughout this last year.  It is really quite rewarding to recognize all the things you have completed or overcome!  You should really do this!

 My top five posts from last year:

The most viewed and most pinned post was:

My Cute Car Kit.

 This is a great way to lighten up your purse and yet still have all the things that you would need while you are out carpooling and driving kids  from place to place,  running errands, etc. etc. etc.  (Do you sometimes feel like you live in your car?)

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Recipe Book Dividers

It is January and I am still trying to do a little bit of organizing, I had this BIG stack of recipes that I had printed from different websites, pages that I had ripped out of magazines and some recipes that were handwritten by myself or given to me by a friend.  So I decided that I really needed to get them all organized, since they are recipes that I use and I was getting tired of flipping through the whole entire stack to find one recipe!  As I was looking through these recipes I noticed that some of them had been printed 3 years ago!  So I would say that it was definitely time to get my act together.  :)

I went to Costco and bought this plain white binder that you can put a page in the front of it and also in the spine.  This is the 2″ size. Continue reading