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spring flower vases

Spring Flower Vases

Spring Flower Vases

It snowed yesterday, here in Utah…and it was a little bit depressing.  We have had some beautiful spring-like days where the sun was shining, so to go back to cold snowy day is just yuck!

I decided that we needed a little bit of spring back, so when I was at Costco I picked up a bunch of beautiful flowers!spring flower vases Continue reading

mason jar wool table runner

Mason Jar Wool Table Runner

I have another fun project that my friend and I did on our sewing retreat.  It is this fun Mason Jar Wool Table Runner!  Isn’t this just so vintagey and cute??mason jar wool table runner Continue reading

fall mason jar flowers

Fall Mason Jar Flowers

I decided that I needed some fun fall colors in my house, so I did this arrangement of Fall Mason Jar Flowers!  Don’t you love the vibrant colors in these flowers and the beautiful fall tones.  It is  also perfect that there is just a touch of purple in this arrangement that sets it off beautifully!fall mason jar flowers Continue reading

it's clear...valentines

It’s Clear…Valentines

Today I am excited to show you my “It’s Clear…Valentines” that I came up with.  I am in love with mason jars and love to use them as much as possible, so when I saw this idea using a mason jar, I just had to try it!it's clear...valentines Continue reading

mason jars

Mason Jar Roundup -15 Top Ideas!

Today I thought it would be fun to do a mason jar roundup!  I love, love, love the versatility of mason jars.  I also love that they are not just for canning anymore!

mason jars

Continue reading


Painted Mason Jars

When I did the visiting teaching handout for this month I pictured it with a painted mason jar.  These are so easy to make and all you need is a bottle and some spray paint and of course some cute ribbon!  These are perfect for a vase for flowers from your garden or a bunch from the grocery store. I just went outside in my yard and picked these Shasta Daisies, I had the jars, ribbon and paint so this project cost me nothing out of pocket to make.  Bonus! Continue reading


Cherry Limeade

On the 4th of July I made this tart cherry limeade.  It was so refreshing on a hot summer night.  I just kept drinking it and could not get enough!  I asked my husband on a scale of  1-10 what he would rate it and he gave it about an 8.  I, on the other hand had to give it a 10!  So either way, I guess you would have to say that it will be one of our new favorites  in summer drinks! Continue reading