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June 2016 VT handout

June 2016 Visiting Teaching

Can you believe it is June already???  Where do the months go?   It is time for my June 2016 Visiting Teaching Handout, for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints so here it is!June 2016 VT handout Continue reading

May 2014 VT handout

May 2014 Visiting Teaching Handout

First of all I have to apologize for the troubles that we had yesterday!  A lot of you let me know that you could not see any of the images or navigate around the blog, and I appreciate all of the support I recieved.  I think that we are now fixed up again!  Thanks for your patience  during  our new facelift!

This month for your visiting teaching message to your sisters, you will need to pick your favorite conference talk to teach.  There are so many good ones again this time that it is hard to pick! :)

Since it is soon going to be gardening time around here, I thought this would be a fun theme to work around, so I made my regular card, a blank card and a seed packet!May 2014 VT handout

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January 2014 Visiting Teaching Handout

I hope that you all had a great New Year’s Day!  

We had a great day and went to the movie, “Frozen”.  It is a darling movie and I can see why all the kids love it…I loved it!
 I was also able to start organizing a little bit, but I have a whole lot more to go!  I still have not put all my Christmas away, which is not like me, but I just cannot seem to jump in tackle it quite yet.  But I will! :)
Here is the Visiting Teaching handout for this month for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the title of this message is, “The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ:  Exemplar”
I really love the title of this and that is why I included it on this month’s handout.  I looked up the word exemplar and thought that I would include it here for you:
  1. a person or thing serving as a typical example or excellent model.
    “he became the leading exemplar of conservative philosophy”
    synonyms: epitome, perfect example, paragonideal, exemplification, textbook example, embodimentessencequintessence


    I love this definition and especially the word quintessence!  Click on that word to see what I mean.

    So here are the printables for this month:


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December 2013 Visiting Teaching Handout

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  We had a great one even though there was a lot of excitement in our neighborhood!  One of our neighbors had a fire in their home on Thanksgiving morning!  The home received smoke damage and damage to half of the house, but it is not a total loss, thank goodness!  We are hoping that they will be able to move back in a week or two!  But it will probably take months to get their home all put back together!  It really makes you stop and count your blessings and my number one blessing is always my family, as was our neighbor’s!  Everyone was safe and that was the most important thing!

But now, here is the December visiting teaching handout for Relief Society for my church  I love that it is all about the Savior for this month, because to me that is what Christmas is all about!  

I chose to focus on this quote by  Elder D. Todd Christofferson.


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pumpkin cookies with penuche frosting

November 2013 Visiting Teaching Handout

This month for your visiting teaching message you will need to pick your favorite conference talk to discuss with your sisters, so I decided just to do a general card that you can hand out with any talk that you choose.  With it being November, I went with a “thankful” theme.  We all have many blessings that we need to be thankful for, one of them being the fact that we have a general conference twice a year with a living prophet to lead our church!  I love conference weekend and the wonderful spirit that I feel every time I listen to our leaders.

So with that being said, I hope that you can show your gratitude to your sisters for all of your blessings.


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Dipped Pretzels

Oct 2013 Visiting Teaching Handout

Here is the visiting teaching handout for this month for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

This month they are starting a new series on the visiting teaching message: “This is the first in a series of Visiting Teaching Messages featuring aspects of the mission of the Savior.”

The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Creator

This month the aspect that is being taught is that Jesus Christ is the Creator.  I chose to feature the quote by President Utchdorf; “We are the Reason He Created the Universe!  I love this thought and I hope that we can all remember this in times of trial and sorrow.


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Sept. 2013 Visiting Teaching Handout

 This month the Relief Society message for our church is Self-Reliance.

I really like this quote by Elder Hales about the purpose of both temporal and spiritual self-reliance.  Here is the printable for this month:

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Feb 2013 Visiting Teaching Handout

This months visiting teaching message for our church is:

Converted unto the Lord

I chose to use the quote by President Gordon B. Hinckley.

 (Does anyone still miss him like I do?)

I love this quote on how to treat new converts, but in a sense are we not all converts?  I think that this quote  is just a good motto to have when dealing with anyone we meet!


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December 2012 Visiting Teaching Handout

This month the message is

“Visiting Teaching, a Work of Salvation”

It talks about the importance of sharing our testimonies and teaching those that we visit.

I just made a fun little Christmas themed card for this month.   You could pair this with a fun Christmas treat, book, lotion, or any other little gift that you might want to give.  But really and truly the visit is the most important part and sharing your time and talents with all those whom you serve!

Here is a blank one for those of you who would like to translate!

These are formatted to 4 x6 so you can just send them to be printed, if you want to do that.

To print, right click over image and go to “save image as”  then just save into one of your pictures files.


 One idea for a great treat are these yummy mint brownies  You will find the recipe here.

I make these every year at Christmas time, in fact I am making some for our Sinterklaas Party this weekend!  That is how good these are!  I will tell more about the party next week.

Remember to Keep Christ in Christmas!

Happy Visiting Everyone!  Love Ya!


Nov. 2012 Visiting Teaching Handout

Just a reminder to watch the KUTV Morning Show tomorrow

 I am scheduled to be on between 7:30 and 8:00 am!

I will be showing several different ways that you can use up all of that Halloween Candy

and I would love to have you join me!

Now on to our Visiting Teaching Post:

This month your message will come from one of the conference talks.  There are so many good ones, but I tend to gravitate to the ones on service.  (Maybe that means that I need to serve more?!)

So I chose the talk from Sister Burton on “First Observe, Then Serve”

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