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Silhouette Cards 2

I finished my online classes from Kerri Bradford, so now maybe I can get back to doing my work and not playing!  :)

These cards are from the “Hello There” Class:  (See the other cards in this class here.)


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Silhouette Cards!

I have been going a little bit crazy with my Silhouette machine again.  I downloaded another class and this one is on cards!  They are so fun to make and who does not love receiving a homemade card?


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Feb.-2014-VT-000-Page-1 - Copy

Feb. 2014 Visiting Teaching Handout

Is it really February already? (well, almost)  My oh my, how times flies when you are having fun! :)

Here is my handout for my church’s visiting teaching handout for February.

All of the lessons this year are focused on a trait of the Savior.  

I love the trait for this month:

“Good Shepherd”

I decided to use this quote from President Monson: “Ours is the responsibility to care for the flock…May we each step up to serve” but the scriptures that are quoted this month are also excellent quotes and ideas!


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Top 2013 posts

Top Ten Posts for 2013

I posted this a couple of weeks over at I Should Be Mopping the Floor, and I wanted to post it here for you today!

 These were my top 10 posts  in 2013!

Top 2013 posts

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salted caramels

Christmas Candy Roundup

I thought that it would be fun to just do a round-up of some of our family’s favorite Christmas candies!  Some of these recipes go way back and some are pretty new, but they have all become favorites!  

Of course most anything with sugar in it, is a favorite around here! :)

I have fond memories of making candy for the holidays with my mom.  We used to make all kinds of fondant and dip our own chocolates, we would make BIG batches of it and give it away to all of our friends.  I also remember making anise candy, fudge, caramels and peanut brittle, those were great times and we had fun doing it all together!  It still brings back good memories when I make them for my family now.

I don’t dip my own chocolates anymore but I do make fudge and peanut clusters, they are two of my favorite Christmas candies!


Easy Fudge

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Stitched Redwork Quilt

I finished my redwork quilt last weekend and I am so excited to put up all my Christmas decorations now!  In fact, I had all my kids and grandkids haul up all my boxes with my decorations from the downstairs, so they are scattered in boxes all around the house!  It usually takes me 2-3 days to put up all of my decorations, but for the most part, I take my time and just enjoy it.  I usually have a little helper or two, so it goes up pretty quickly.

Here is my newest redwork project, to add to my collection:


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5 Recipes to Make with Halloween Candy

This is a repost that I did a year ago.  The original post said to use your leftover Halloween candy, but you could use any of these recipes before Halloween for your parties, get together’s or for a fun family night!  These recipes are also great to give away as gifts for the holidays.  Many of these recipes can be changed up just a little bit and you could use them for any time of the year! 

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Aug. 2013 Visiting Teaching Handout

Here is my visiting teaching handout for this month.

This is a message that the sisters of the church take out to each other when they go to visit them each month. 

The message for this month is about welfare.  The thought that I used is the one by President Erying, I love the overall message of this quote.  There has always been a way provided for us to help others.  We need to just keep our eyes and our hearts open to those around us that we could serve!


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Christmas in July!

I have just added some fun new products in the shop!  

It is Christmas in July around here!


Do you want to get a head start on your Christmas madness?  

Well then, Check out these new products:

I have a “Don’t Eat Santa!” game that is perfect for school parties, family parties, family night or just to entertain the kids!  After all, who doesn’t love a game that involves candy?!

There are Christmas gift tags that are over-sized.  They are perfect for adding to all your gifts, just print, cut out and you are ready to go!  Great for the busy holiday season.

I have Neighbor Gift ideas along with the tags to go with each idea!  There are 15 ideas, plus there are 3 blank tags for you to write your own sayings!

And I saved the best for last!  

I have a darling nativity set that is perfect for the kids to tell the “First Christmas Story.”  These are darling figures, along with the animals and the stable.  Just print, cut out, laminate for durability and add magnets to the back for the perfect magnet board activity!  Print a set for each of your kids to have and make lots of lasting memories!

(You have to scroll down to the bottom of the product page to view these. I am hoping to get them at the top of the page, but for right now they are are the bottom!)

I Hope you will enjoy these new products and I want to wish you each a 

Merry Christmas in July!  Love Ya!

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Father’s Day File Folder Books

If this is my dad or my husband, please do not read this post!

I made these fun file folder books for Father’s Day and so I decided that I would share them with you today.  They are really pretty easy to put together, so if you still need a last minute idea for a gift, you could still make one of these!


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